Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall Semester Starts at Ridge Creek School

Well, Fall Semester has begun at Ridge Creek. The air is cooling and academics are heating up. Halls are filled with hectic students checking their schedules and finding their classes. Syllabi are being distributed and expectations explained. Classrooms are remodeled and new faculty members are settling in. The campus is alive with the buzz of new beginnings and anticipation for the coming academic year. As the week progresses, look for faculty biographies and course descriptions.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Break Week" at Ridge Creek School

"Break Week" doesn't seem to be the proper description of such a fun-filled and busy time at Ridge Creek School. Students have continued their community service involvement from last week, having been asked to return to the Head Start program to spend more time with the children in that valuable program. At Head Start, RCS students do everything from singing and teaching the ABC's to playing on the playground, pushing swings and organizing kickball games. In addition to this, Ridge Creekers on campus for the break have gone on "Waterfall Hikes" and fishing trips, visits to an Ice Cream Dairy to learn about and sample the end product, and swimming trips to a beautiful, nearby lake. This weekend promises more fun and action with cookouts swimming, and "walk-in" movies.

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Week of Community Service and Development at Ridge Creek School

This has been a week of community service and development at Ridge Creek School.  Throughout the past week Ridge Creek students have been active “giving back” by volunteering at several charitable organizations in the communities surrounding campus.  In addition, students visited the Carter Center in Atlanta and were inspired by the work of Jimmy and Roselyn Carter in their on-going efforts to spread democracy and provide basic necessities to the less fortunate worldwide.  While the students were busy with their week of altruistic adventure, the academic department has been finalizing preparations for Fall Semester.  Schedules and academic plans have been solidified and new and exciting college-credit courses have been added.  Fall semester will usher in the addition of a math course that will allow students to earn early credits in college freshman algebra.  This class is the first of several to come, and we at RCS are pleased to be able to offer this valuable opportunity to all eligible students.      

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Overture---hit the lights---this is it---the night of nights!!!

And what a night it was, when the Ridge Creek Dramatic Eagles Drama Club hit the “South-of-Broadway” boards with its annual summer presentation of One-act plays this past Friday.  The Drama Club presented two hilarious and surprising plays by two masters, “While the Auto Waits” by O’Henry and “Death Knocks” by Woody Allen.  Directed by Tim Lawson, our resident theatre director, these productions featured standout performances by all of the students involved.  Starring in “While the Auto Waits’ were Corrine, Michael, Josh, and Alex, followed by Frankie and Scott bringing Woody Allen’s play to life.  These students worked diligently through the summer semester memorizing lines and stage movements and all of their efforts paid off with the audience’s enthusiastic response to their performances.  Students, Sean and Ben, participated backstage in the no less important technical support roles of set construction, set lighting, as well as moving set pieces between shows.  This Dramatic Eagles’ production was a great example of team effort and individual dedication to a goal.  All involved should be congratulated for their success.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ridge Creek School Students "Giving Back" to the community

This Tuesday at Ridge Creek School finds students participating in our end-of-the-semester “Give-Back” week. Ridge Creek School students can be found throughout the surrounding communities performing a variety of outreach services for several vitally important non-profit organizations. From walking rescue dogs to teaching pre-schoolers the ABC’s and helping elderly citizens with daily chores, Ridge Creek Eagles are swooping in and serving their community by helping those that need it most. In doing so, they are also discovering the gifts that come from “Giving Back”.