Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Dog Day at RCS

This past Sunday was day of paws, petting, barks and smiles. Several RCS students took some of their valuable free time to give some much needed attention to some of the most neglected members of our surrounding communities. These students traveled to the North Georgia Humane Society in Gainesville with RCS counselor Paula Kicklighter to lend a hand caring for homeless puppies and dogs, kittens and cats. At the shelter they walked and played fetch with dogs, tussled and teased cats, and even chased an escaped Guinea Pig. The RCS kids also lent a valuable hand to help with the many chores performed at NGHS. It was a day of furry-fun and barking-benefits for all involved.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Eagles Defeated by The Indians after a Heart-Breaking and Courageous Effort

On Friday, December 3, the Cherokee Indians donned their war paint and invaded the RCS aerie hoping to grab more Eagle feathers for their war bonnets. The Indians began their foray with some fierce tomahawk chops, resulting in some heavy hoops casualties, taking the lead by 17 early in the battle. But, the mighty Eagles were not to be plucked that quickly. The B-Ball Birds sharpened their talons and swooped back and inflicted serious damage to the Indians’ lead. Led by Michael T. the RCS Raging Raptors ripped up the court and narrowed the Cherokee lead to one point at the half. When the battle resumed, its outcome was anyone’s guess but, though they fought valiantly with beaks and talons tearing, the Cherokee Indians rode home bruised but carrying a few Eagle tail feathers. The final score of the engagement stood at Indians 59 and Eagles 56. What a heart-breaking and courageous effort by the Mighty Eagles!!! Those RCS Birds have a lot of heart!!!