About Ridge Creek School - Therapeutic Boarding School

The 210-acre Ridge Creek School campus offers its students a beautiful, pristine setting for recovery, self-discovery, and new achievements. Ridge Creek School is situated in the north Georgia Mountains, which provides students with access to the tranquility of nature. The 14-acre lake in the center of the Ridge Creek School campus is used for fishing and canoeing, and the Ridge Creek School dormitories have peaceful lake views. Ridge Creek School is a therapeutic boarding school where students reassess their goals, find new confidence, and connect with one another while preparing for their adult lives. Ridge Creek School teachers prepare students for higher education, and Ridge Creek School prides itself on the fact that 100% of Ridge Creek School students who choose higher education are accepted into universities or colleges. On Friday, Ridge Creek School students depart for their weekly wilderness excursion(Optional Program). Rock climbing, hiking, and camping test the willpower and leadership capabilities of Ridge Creek School students. Working together, Ridge Creek School students discover new potential and replace their attachments to negative influences with an innate sense of achievement (click here to read a recent article on Ridge Creek School’s power to transform its students’ outlooks). Counseling at Ridge Creek School involves both group and individual therapy, emphasizing bonds within the community and the growth of a healthier self. Whether they are participating in one of Ridge Creek School’s many student groups, playing competitive sports, expressing themselves through drama and the arts, or lending a hand to others through community service, the students at Ridge Creek School are moving toward more stable futures.