Monday, November 29, 2010

Eagles Swoop in to Dominate the Anteaters

The Atlanta Adventist Academy Aardvarks burrowed into the Mountain Aerie Arena Tuesday night expecting ant pincers and instead were greeted by the powerful talons of the Ridge Creek Eagles. The Big Bird Basketballers took control early, swooping in to dominate the anteaters with Eagle-eyed shooting by Birdballers, Aim-sure Singh, Big-gun Barrett, and Dead-shot Long. Demoralized by the antics of the frantic, feathered Superfans and the dominating defense of the RCS Raptors, the waddling animals from Atlanta fell prey to the Eagles in a 38-33 defeat and had a long ride home to the termite mound. Today, the Eagles spread their powerful wings and sharpen their talons for a match-up in Atlanta against the pussy cat panthers prowling their den at Brandon Hall.