Monday, January 31, 2011

Eagle Flock Flew High Fighting off The Panthers

The Atlanta Area School for the Deaf Panthers stalked into the Eagles’ Aerie last night and scratched out a few, key Big Bird tail feathers, taking a 70-61 victory back to the Panther den.  Even so, some of the Eagle flock flew high with scoring achievements.  Michael T. soared  with 20 points and Braden B. hit the heights scoring 16.  Big Bird Baller Louie M. caught an updraft and put 10 points up for the Eagles.  The Birds continue to improve and are looking for some fur-tearing payback next week in a rematch with these feisty cats from AASD.  Today the Eagles will have their talons sharpened and their beaks honed to swoop in on the unsuspecting felines at Trinity Chapel Academy in Powder Springs.  The Big Birds need a victory to remain airborne for the playoffs.