Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ridge Creek School Students Hike to Raven Creek Falls

Term break is upon us here at Ridge Creek School.  A few of our students stayed with us, so we have been keeping them busy with hikes, tubing, rock climbing, and other adventures.  These are a few photos of our recent hike to beautiful Raven Creek Falls, located a short but curvy 45 minutes from the school. 

Here we are, the intrepid hikers heading off into the wilderess.

The trail is a relatively easy trail and the kids quickly out-paced me.  Luckily Meridith, one of Ridge Creek's recreation staff members, was able to keep up with the kids.

One of the girls climbing up from the falls.  The kids had a great time playing in the water and climbing on the rocks.  It was a great break from hiking on a warm North Georgia day.  What we did not realize was that we had not made it to the destination falls, but were only half-way there.  The group decision was to hang out a bit, cool off, then head back to Ridge Creek School.
Raven Creek is a beautiful mountain stream.   The trail follows the creek along its descent from the falls higher up the trail.  Rocks abound, inspiring one young lady to bring home a few to set on her desk.