Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Days

 Summer is upon us here at Ridge Creek School.  Our location in the mountains outside of Dahlonega, GA,  means less heat, so outdoor activities are more enjoyable.  Chris Everhart, the newest member of our Counseling Department, took his group down to Lakefront for some fun activities designed to help them learn to work together as a group as well as share some good times.

First, there was canoeing.  With two boys to a canoe, they had to learn to work as a team to maneuver around the lake.                      The lake at Ridge Creek School is fed by a clear mountain stream, so it remains pretty chilly, even in summer.  Good thing no one tipped over their canoe!

Then there was fishing.  Our lake has some pretty large fish in it that like to hang out near the dock teasing our kids to try to hook them.  Uunfortunately no one caught a fish this day.

The afternoon was topped off by a cookout featuring hotdogs and hamburgers.  Spending the day outdoors can do a number on your appetite; but even with a bunch of hungry boys, we had a couple of burgers and dogs left over.                                                            All-in-all, the kids learned some valuable lessons for working as a group and had some fun at the same time!