Friday, July 15, 2011

Teaching in a Therapeutic Boarding School

I have been teaching Spanish in public schools for more then 15 years and in private schools for five years. Recently, I have had the privilege to teach in a therapeutic school, which is very fulfilling. Why? There are several serious differences when it comes to teaching in public school and in a therapeutic school.

In the therapeutic school:

1. The administration values the teacher.

2. The administration respects the teacher.

3. The faculty is more professional.

4. The faculty is more competent.

5. The students have a higher level of intelligence.

6. The students want to learn.

7. The students receive lots of attention as students and as persons.

8. The discipline is superior in all aspects.

9. The classes are very small, always under 15.

10. The classes are more intensive and sound.

11. The involvement of the parent is greater but limited.

12. The strong bond among the students, faculty, and administrators.